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Tug or War in Highbrooms

The following two images have recently been supplied by Christine Knight, the first depicts the High Brooms Tug-of-War team.

Christine remembers that the the Tug of War used to take place beside the High Brooms Hotel (before the houses numbers 80 onwards were built) on High Brooms Road (this is now ‘The Brick Works Freehouse but still remembered by many as the High Brooms Tavern).

The date of the photo is most probably 1921 as CHristines late father Peter Pronger was the Mascot & held by his father Walter George Pronger (always known as Ern!)

High Brooms Tug of War team

High Brooms Tug of War team

I have also heard that other events took place racing around the ‘island’ – now the one way system that has the pub in its centre and woudl be interested to hear others memories, maybe we could even recreate the event to coincide with the High Brooms Village fair.

The second image supplied by Christine is of Southborough Football Club 1902-03, I’m not sure where they played but woudl like to think that it was on the Ridgeway fields!

photo (1)


As ever please let me know if you recognise any of your own family members in these pictures…

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