The new ‘Brick Works Freehouse’ in Highbrooms

Ok so this isn’t really a blog entry as such but having written about the history of the High Brooms Hotel, or Tavern as it is locally known, it only seemed right to post up something about the newly renovated and newly opened ‘The Brick Works’ Freehouse in Highbrooms.

I hope you enjoy the photos and make an effort to get down there and see whats its really like for yourself and you never know who you might bump into!

Once again this blog entry is image heavy so best viewed somewhere with wifi…


IMG_7785 IMG_7781IMG_7749IMG_7779 IMG_7772 IMG_7770 IMG_7765 IMG_7762 IMG_7760 IMG_7755 IMG_7752 IMG_7750

The Brick Works Freehouse can be found on Facebook and now on twitter @The_Brick_Works

If you have something to contribute to this blog, or just want to let me know you are enjoying it feel free to comment below, email me at or send me a message on twitter to: @HighbroomsSoc

Copyright for all images belongs to Daniel Marsh @danieljmarsh unless otherwise stated – please do not replicate or use in any form without prior permission being granted.


3 thoughts on “The new ‘Brick Works Freehouse’ in Highbrooms

  1. Johnny Morris

    Hi Dan are you going to mention the cutting down of the High Brooms Taverns wonderful old native Ash tree which as far as I know had a preservation order put on it by the very people who helped save the tavern in the first place and a before and after piccy showing the replacing of it with a rather grotesquely out of place native American Yukka, I wonder how much good that does our indigenous insects and birds!! So much for the “Revamp without losing any charm or character of this historic hotel.” which I quote directly from the Brickworks FB Page. Still at least we can all go down there sporting our fake suntans and drink overpriced lager and singalong to karaoke!! So much easier to sell off as Flats without the tree gone and it does make you wonder as Greedy Greene King are still involved with the place…. I find driving past the old place rather upsetting now!

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  3. David Wallond

    I am David Charles Wallond a direct descendant of the builder /1st owner of the hotel – I would like to visit one day. I live in Westport, Ontario, Canada


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