Fresh Fish Daily…. really in Highbrooms?

Freshly updated with new research material added from Edward James Gilbert

Highbrooms Society

This is another post before I start to write about the finer details of the local history, looking at what is around us left behind as a legacy by previous occupants of Highbrooms in the late 19th and early 20th century, sorry to disappoint those amongst you who, like me, would absolutely love to see a wet fish shop opened up  again in Highbrooms today.

BLOG UPDATE, MAY 2013 – please scroll down to read further details about the history of this shop from Edward James Gilbert.

Of course these days we have the convenience of the huge supermarkets in and around Tunbridge Wells, despite the poor offerings of fish most have on display, but back in Victorian times they managed to bring in the ‘local’ catch for the people of Highbrooms on a daily basis. I assume that the fish was bought up from the traditional fishing ports on the south Kent coast, such as Hastings, but…

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